sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Adam Miller

Artemis Tryptich Nymph 2
oil on board
oil on canvas

oil on board
oil on canvas
Artemis Tryptich Nymph 2
oil on board
oil on board
48"x 28"


Adam Miller is known for his contemporary figure paintings.
Born in 1979 in Oregon, He began an apprenticeship to artist Allen Jones at thirteen years old and at Sixteen, was accepted to the prestigious Florence Academy Of Art in Florence, Italy where he underwent an extensive training in classical painting techniques and studied the masterpieces of the Renaissance firsthand. For the next four years Miller traveled throughout Europe studying the masters.
His work has been commissioned by Robert Pamplin Jr., the Chairman of the Board of the Portland Art Museum, Mike Tyson, and Eric Rhodes, publisher of Fine Art Connoiseur.
Miller has exhibited in both the U.S and Europe.
Adam Miller has been described in reviews as a "rising star of realism" and it was said that he "would be considered a master in any era".
2010: Corpus Hermeticum, at The Great Nude INvitational, New York, NY
2010: AAF Art Fair, New York, NY
2010: Verge Fair, Mighty Tanaka, New York, NY
2010: Grand Prize, Artist's Magazine, All media competition
2010: C2 Gallery, Patchogue, NY
2009: Hybridism, Mighty Tanaka Presents, New York, NY
2009: Carnival, Gitana Rosa Gallery, New York, NY
2009: One man show, Gallery Molinar, Tiburon, CA
2009: One man show, The Art Bar, Tiburon, CA
2009: Best of Show, Le Nouveau Baroque, Galerie Joelle, Paris, France
2009: The Metamorphosis Project, Art Space, Richmond, VA
2008: Best of Show, Singular Creation, Portrait Show
2008: TNC Gallery, Lower East Side Arts Festival, New York, NY
2008: Paradise Lost, WAH Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2008: Richeson 75 Figure Portrait Catalog
2008: Bushwick Open Studios , Brooklyn, NY
2008: Art On the Block, Nascent Art, New York, NY
2007: Blue Dot Award, ASLNY Show, New York NY
2007: Small works, Garza Design Studio, Brooklyn, NY
2007: Buschwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY
2007: Mosaica, Patchouge, NY
2007: Commission, Eduardo Garza
2006: Buschwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY
2006: Galleie Icosahedron, New York, NY
2006: Commission, Hill Devine Studio, Portland, OR
2006: Commission, Roger Pollock, Lake Oswego, Or
2006: Commission, Thompson Publishing, Atlanta, GA
2006: Commission, Richard Hubbard, Honolulu, HI
2006: Commission, Hotel deluxe, Portland, OR
2005: Commission, Robert Pamplin Jr, Lake Oswego, Or
2005: Commission, Chateau Benoit, Woodburn, OR
2005: Best of Show, Lake Oswego Festival of Arts, Lake Oswego, OR
2005: Zado Gallery, Portland, OR
2004: Commission, William Emery, Portland, OR
2003: Commission, Pat Burke, Eugene, OR
2003: Commission, Alan Jochim, Portland, OR
2002: Jackson MIller Studio Show, Las Vegas, NV
2001: Commission, Michael Seaman, Las Vegas, NV
2001: Commission, Mike Tyson, Las Vegas, NV
1998: Commission, Alan Jochim, Portland, OR
1998: Michael John Angel Studio Show, Florence, Italy
1997: Marcello Gallery, Florence, Italy
1996: Leslie Jackson Studio, Portland, OR
1995: Art Capers Gallery, Portland, OR
Press and Publications
Artist's Magazine
American Art Collector
Richeson 75 figure portrait catalog
Informed Collector
Lake Oswego Gaurdian
Couerd'alene Press
Brooklyn Eagle
Best of America Oil Painting
Professional Experience
2007: Jeff Koons, New York, NY
2007: Mark Kostabi, New York, NY
2007: Hal Brooks, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY
2006: Michael Grimaldi, New York, NY
2006: Greg Kreutz, New York, NY
2006: Nelson Shanks, New York, NY
1998: Michael John Angel Studios, Florence, Italy
1997: Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy
1996: Alan Jones, Portland, OR

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