domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

Sergei Polunin "Angels & Demons"

Elements of Life: Air, Earth, Water, Metal, Fire - Contemporary Dance Choreography | Momo Sanno

“When I was creating the idea for the elements, I was trying to express, to embody the fact that we are not alone. It is not only us as humans on this Earth. We are connected, we are one. We are part of nature, we are not against the natural way of the world. In our body, we find all the main elements, earth, water, fire, metal. There is a sublime connection that takes place between us, our self and the natural world that surrounds us. And when we allow this conversation to take place, we find a deeper understanding, and the selfless aspect of our being loosens its solidity, it can even dissipate for a period of time, and we can sink into a deeper world, one that does not put accent on separation but on Ones”. - an interview to

Choreography & Performing Artist: Momo Sanno
Art&Production: Maria Andrei
Directed by Tudor Cucu
Produced for
Music -
Water: Two Steps from Hell - Water Reflections Official:
Fire: Two Steps from Hell - Danger of danger Official:
Air: Charles Littleleaf-Eagle Spirit -
Metal: Leftfield - Afro - Left

Colombian students created a beautiful animated tribute to "Elements of life" -

Savina Yannatou Geçmiş Güzel Günleri

Savina Yannatou - To Yasemi (The Jasmine)